Rennes Food Tour


Book a gourmet tour of Rennes and discover all the delicious local specialties. Of course after this tour, you will not need to have any lunch!

Everybody’s know about the French Gastronomy, but did you know where to find the best salted butter in France? Where to find the best oysters in France? Where to eat the best pancakes? Where to eat the best sea food? Welcome to Brittany!

During this private tour, you will not only discover the sweetness, with the famous cookies called “galettes” and “palets bretons”, the caramel made with salted butter and others local cakes. You will also taste the Salt, known as White Gold here. Taste the oysters from Cancale (all year long), eat a plate of mussel (during the season), enjoy the famous buckwheat pancake (our local pizza)…and much more.

Discover Rennes Heritage and Gastronomy

Book a Rennes private tour to visit the capital of Brittany. You will discover the monuments, history and local culture. Of course you can also ask for a Gourmet Tour, a Bike Tour or other thematic of your choice.

Rennes has an old history and a rich architectural heritage. Walk through the city  and cross the centuries. Discover its typical timber-framed houses, its remains of the medieval walls, its classical, art-deco or contemporary monuments, its numerous convent and churches and its beautiful nature.

If you stay in Paris, you can book one of our Rennes private tour. Just take the high speed train from Montparnasse station  and only 1H30 after, your guide will meet you at Rennes station. You can easily do the return trip in one day.

Rennes Bike Tour

Rennes Bike Tour

Rennes Eco-Friendly Tour with a LocalVisit Rennes by Electric Bike   Book a tour of Rennes and discover the capital of Brittany by Electric Bike. You will discover the heritage and the local nature. Enjoy the beautiful landscape along the river and breathe the...

Best Recommended Hotels in Rennes

Best Recommended Hotels in Rennes

Rennes, the capital of Brittany deserve to be visited. It is well located, at only 1H30 from Paris station by TGV. It has a small airport where you can fly from Spain, Great Britain, Paris and different cities in France such as Nice, Toulouse or Lyon. It is at 1 hour...

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